i am abbey.

i’m a senior in high school and hope to be a photographer/ videographer when i graduate! i plan on studying business/ marketing in college to start my own business! i got into photography a few years ago because of my dad. i picked up his camera and just went outside to take pictures and i loved itttt. i mostly do landscape photography but lately i’ve been experimenting with seniors and want to try weddings! i’ve been able to video one wedding and it was amazing! i hope to run my own wedding photography business in the future :)) thanks for checking out my website!

<3 abbey

my story

i grew up and still currently live in a small town. i moved around schools a lot going from public school to homeschooled to different co-ops to a private school. i never had a big passion growing up. i never knew how to answer what my hobby was until the summer of 2017. i picked up my dads camera and went outside to take pictures of the crepe myrtles. i fell in love with taking pictures. over the years my photography was mainly nature. i loved animals, plants and sunsets (and i still do). now, i have discovered my passion for portrait and wedding photography. i have been educating myself and advertising for senior portraits and i have had a few paid sessions! i am so excited to see what happens in my future! :))